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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
You have to carry just your swimsuit and the suncream (no sun oil). On board we will give you the sea towel and snorkeling equipment, but if you want to carry your own stuff you can.
Shoes on board are not allowed. Once on board you will take off your shoes. The boat is very spacious and there is not risk to get injured walking on the boat.
It depends on what trip you choose. In early and late summer for sure it is colder, so it also depends on the period. If you do the day trips you can dress like going to the beach, if you do the dinner in the evening it is good to have a sweater and a jacket.
We are so sorry but due the sea law regulations we are not able to embark 13 pax.
No, dogs are not allowed on board both for shared trips, both for exclusive trips. Also small dogs that normally stay inside the bags are not allowed.
Yes, if you prefer to stay at the shade, on board we have big awnings where you can sit under and protect to the sun.
Yes, sea towels are included in the price.
Unfortunately on board sailing boats or yachts the capacity is limited to a maximum of 12 people due to the sea law regulations. Aboard any boats a child older than 1 year counts as an adult and for this reason we cannot afford any discounts for children older than 1 year.
Yes, the toilet and one cabin are available to all our guests.
Yes, but you have to inform us at least 24 hours before you come on board.
No, sailing is not dangerous at all and it's not scary. The crew does everything, so you don't have to help, you can just lie and relax. If you want to help, the crew will be happy to involve who is interested in learning the secrets of sailing.
No, our trips are for everyone. We do not recommend our sailing trips to babies and very old people, better on a motor yacht.
Yes, you can stay on board without swimming, there is no high risk to fall down in the water. If you do not swim very well we can give you a lifebelt and life jacket available on board.
Monaco is part of the cetacean sanctuary area so there is the possibility to see dolphins and if you are lucky, also the whales!
Yes, on the back part of the boat without disturbing the other guests. We have special ashtrays on board. If we verify damage to the sundeck mattresses or to the boat in general, a damage refund will be requested.
Yes, during our trips we do not go very far from the coast. We have a rib that we use to carry you in the closest harbour. The cost of the trip will not be refunded.
Yes, all our boats are equipped with all safety systems compliant with the law and on-board insurance.
Yes, for the shared trip it is the crew that chooses the music, while on the tailored trip in exclusivity you can choose the music! All our boats are equipped with portable Bluetooth speakers, so that you can play your own music from your mobile phone.
Yes, the mobile phone normally works up to 3-6 miles (15km about) far from the coast. We never go this far from the coast.
Yes, you can book your trip by email giving your credit card details and pay cash directly on board the day of your trip. Take a look to our CANCELLATION POLICY.
We recommend that you always book in advance, especially if you want a day in particular, at least 24 hours in advance.
Yes, our crew speaks English and French fluently.
Yes, but only if you rent the boat in exclusivity. Ask a quote by sending an email to
In case of bad weather Nababbo Sail will propose an alternative date for the tour or full refund of the reservation. For more info take a look to our CANCELLATION POLICY.
Adverse weather conditions are those that either prevent the boat from leaving its base or that avert the boat trip from being carried out with full guarantees of safety and comfort for our customers. What we want is for you to spend an unforgettable day on board, but unforgettable “for good” not “for bad”.
    Examples of adverse weather conditions:
  • Forecast of strong waves, with a wave height of more than 1.5 meters, in the area where the boat trip takes place.
  • Strong wind forecast with speeds exceeding 25 knots.
  • Prediction of intense rain for a period of time exceeding 20% of the total duration of the excursion.
    Examples of weather conditions that are NOT adverse to navigation:
  • There is a forecast that shows it is cloudy or there is little sun.
  • There is possibility of weak rains during a period of less than 20% of the total time for the excursion.
  • We are cold because we have not read the instructions and we have not brought warm clothes.
Above all, we will always apply common sense. Nababbo Sail will, above all, always apply common sense. In no case will we force the continuance of the excursion on a day in which our clients are not going to enjoy our boat trips to the maximum, showing the greatest flexibility possible in reschedules and different timing.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or information!